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Book Review of The City of Lies

Toadspit's sister has been kidnapped! Toadspit and Goldie Roth set out to rescue her in an adventure that leads them far from the home they know, and into a foreign city. And to make things even harder, the Festival of Lies has just started, turning everything upside down. Who knows when a big lie might start...

The City of Lies was not disappointing. While it doesn't have such a deep theme as its predecessor, its plot is amazing. Lian Tanner created some very well done twists and turns in this book, including one of the best "lies" to the reader I've ever read(kinda ironic for that such a good lie is in a book with this title). And figuring out if a character was good or bad was often very difficult.

The Festival of Lies is one of the best parts of this book, with everyone saying their sentences backward. Of course it does get a little confusing but it also makes the book last longer.*
*Translated into festival talk:The Festival of Lies is one of the worst parts of the book, with no one saying their sentences backward. Of course it does get a little clearer but it also doesn't make the book last longer.

The concept of the Big Lies-when a person makes a wish and the wish comes true for a short time before disappearing and leaving the person with  only part of their wish-was very imaginative.  It's things like the Big Lies that makes Tanner's books so surprising and unpredictable. I don’t know if Tanner intended to show this, but I can see the irony that everyone lies during the Festival but probably don't tell the truth at other times.

The Fugleman is even smarter and more cunning than the book before. The reader is just as confused with his plots as the characters are. In my opinion, he is the most well-constructed character in the book and I would definitely put him on my list of top ten smartest villains(why are so many villains dumb?). I am looking forward to seeing what happens to his plans in the last book of the series.

Like the book before, there really isn’t much character development in this book. But this book makes up for that with all of its incredibly rich and unpredictable characters. I would definitely recommend this book

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Book rating: ✔✔✔✔✔
Content rating: ✔✔✔✔✔

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