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Book Review of Firefight

Several months after Steelheart ends, David and the Reckoners are still in Newcago, fighting off Epics who have been sent from a distant city to destroy the Reckoners. The Epics have been sent as a challenge and the Reckoners are going to take the challenge and match their wits against one of the cleverest Epics in existence.
While David's metaphors are still as bad as ever(ok, worse), Brandon Sanderson's writing has only improved. Sanderson is great with plot twists and making the unexpected happen. It's hard to say whether I like this book or Steelheart better. Both have epic(no pun intended) fights, amazing action, and realistic characters.

Mizzy is my favorite character in the Reckoners series. Most of the Reckoners are unique but Mizzy felt unique and normal at the same time. From her accent to her behavior she felt very authentic. Someone who blended in to the crowd but stands out among the Reckoners.

Babylon Restored is the best city Sanderson has created, and that is saying something since Sanderson has a knack for creating very unique cities. Babylon has such a utopia feel with the glowing spray paint and fruit, the battery-less radios, and the fortune cookie messages. But even if it's a utopia, it's a controlled utopia. The people live their everyday lives underneath the Epics' supervision and as Sanderson shows us in his books, most people don't care about the world around them as long as they can continue living their normal lives. Only a few are willing to risk everything for freedom.

Once again Sanderson has portrayed the struggle of good versus evil in a unique way. It is a time where nobody knows if Epics can be heroes. But as David's dad said, "Sometimes you have to help the heroes along." In a time where there are no heroes, you still have to stand up for good. Even throwing fruit is better than nothing.

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Book rating: ✔✔✔✔✔
Content rating: ✔✔✔

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